Congrats (more) Grads!

What a joy it was to meet these girls! Some of them have been friends since kindergarten while others were picked up along the way at SCPA during primary or

later in High School. I hope you all remain forever friends for…well…forever. 😆

The girls were hesitant at first as we all are questioning what’s allowed during this strange time in our lives. However, they quickly remembered the fun they had

together and it was all laughter!

Poetrie’s mom organized the session and brought along the props!

She also was the guinea pig for the glitter. Which as you’ll see later, it’s a lot less messy when it’s just one person blowing! 🤣


While the mama’s prepared the alcohol wipes post any contact. 🤣🤣🤣 Our reality is so surreal right now!!

I know the grass is always greener but dayuuuum! What I would give to have this amazing hair. I know I said it then, but seriously, never take any of

your volumes, gorgeous, FULL hair for granted! So jelly!

Kristie took the time to send me paragraphs about all these girls and their accomplishments, so I thought I’d share a little here! All of these gals academics are nearly

perfect on top of maintaining intense extracurriculars. The self discipline is off the charts!

Ndaya received all sorts of awards with her musical theater and dance and is furthering that goal at PACE University in New York!

Not to be confused with Pace Academy, which has been running out of my kitchen for the last 8yrs. Bahhaa. (My last name is Pace,

which I’m sure you didn’t know. 😬😆)

Najah also majored in Musical Theater and Dance at SCPA, her whole schooling career. LEGEND! She’s also pursuing the arts in Philly!

Kelly and Poetrie both finished up their High School career at Mercy McAuley.

Kelly is apparently a genius with a 4.0 GPA moving forward into pre-med at UC in the fall! On top of a her book skills she kicked butt in Lacrosse all 4yrs! Yes girl!

While Poetrie spent the majority of her schooling at SCPA perfecting classical ballet, she switched schools and changed her focus to soccer! Thinking about how you

could have been kicking balls at the same time as working en pointe for years make my feet scream in pain. I’ve seen pics of ballerina feet. 😭Those same feet shooting

goals, YOUCH! Super excited for you to go on to MSJ soccer! Those new facilities over there are going to be amazing! But more importantly, I hope you succeed

in the quest to become an FBI agent. Love me some true crime!!

Demaris has all the music talent. A bunch of awards in Jazz and Classical music as well as holding second chair in Cincy Sympohony Youth Orchestra! So cool.

Michigan State is calling her name with their jazz studies!

Katie’s big interests are soccer, art and somehow also biology. 🧐 I’m fascinated that you can be both right and left brained so well. I heard about your love of socks

and dang, we could be fast friends! My drawers contain zero plain white socks and I could easily not repeat a pair for over a couple months! Under my MSJ

graduation gown I (illegally) wore knee length rainbow socks but my art professors thoroughly enjoyed it. 🤣 Good luck in Dayton! Never tame your style!

It took great restraint from me not to photoshop in smiley faces. Bahaha.

Poetrie is like, deez ma girls!😍

They got jokes.

 The pretty part of blowing glitter in photographs is the bokeh that happens as the glitter flings towards the camera. The way that works is being able to

get a tight shot with shallow depth of field, which isn’t really possible with 6 subjects. 😬 I had them stand as close as possible which made for

hilarity of blowing glitter all over each other’s heads. 😆

The outtakes were just as amusing to me as the better shots. The girls on the left bahahahhaha. Glitter in their mouths, in their eyes, in their hair.

So much glitter.  I’m willing to bet you still are finding small pieces days out!

Again. I love this. We were counting to three to throw together. 🤣😍😍 Demaris on 2 was like, hell yes, this is so fun!

And 3!

Seriously, the little I saw of your personalities, I know you girls are going big places. Between the comedy, kindness, joyfulness and politeness, I went home

thinking, shoot…I have a lot of work to do with my kids! Well done, mamas! Exciting futures are ahead of all of you and though so many milestones

were stolen from your last couple months, I know that it’ll shape you to even more stronger and resilient women. Keep up all your hardwork and achievements!

I look forward to seeing your names in the paper one day and saying, “Hey! I knew her when!” Congratulations and Good Luck! Heart, Melanie.

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