Balizza Healthcare Solutions.

Balizza Healthcare Solutions is a local westside nursing store that also offers several certification classes! I spent the afternoon with them

documenting the store and their classroom setting to update their website!

Harriet and her sister, Mary, who are also a full-time nurses, opened the store plus hold the training classes in their off hours! With the help of

their daughters and their mom, the store has been a success the last couple years!

Look at these gorgeous women! I wish you could hear their thick  beautiful Ugandan accents through the still frames! I could listen to them talk all day!

I absolutely love that you have the drive and courage to do as much as you do.

I know I’m supposed to be focused on advertising the business, but dang, look how gorgeous your niece is!!!! People will think you all are hired models! 😍

They have a classroom where they learn all the hands on skills.

“Sounds like you’re alive, so that’s good!”

Grandma’s like, “They’re talkin to me like I’m some sick ol lady! Two seconds ago I was the store attendant!” 🤣🤣🤣 She was hilarious.

I can’t handle that glance she gave me!!! I just had to share!😬



They sell all the nursing gear you need!

Off to clinicals!

**The real faces of Balizza, not hired models!!**

Moms and daughters! 😍 You all must all be so proud of each other! In all the ways! Strong women raising even stronger women!🙌🏼

Have fun updating your site! Good luck and hopefully this Covid19 business will gone soon and all of us small businesses can go back to thriving!!

Heart, Melanie.

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