The Kimutises.

I start super early on summer mornings to keep the light low but also the benefit is the heat is bearable. WELP. I didn’t

expect to be covered in goosebumps in mid June! It was barely 60º with no sun! COLD!  Thankfully the kids didn’t mind too much!

They have an amazing ranch that, of course, is on point with all the trends. I just couldn’t get over the fact the white cushions were still white!

The kids behind me being silly to make their folks laugh. 🤣

I don’t know the word to describe Bailey’s face but my kids make it all the time too. Adorbs.

Missin some teef!😍

Lucy Drew!

The big kids knew that little one was up to no good.🤣

Do they all have the same face, or is it just me?

Their solar cover keeps the water super warm, thankfully! One of the main reasons we stayed home was to have some pool fun at the end.

Then it was so windy and cold that I wasn’t sure if the kids would still go for it!

What dad’s are for!

Chicken fiiiiight!

Line drive jumping!


I’m super glad you decided on your house. I love personal sessions so much! What great memories we captured! Your place was beautiful and you

guys are adorbs. Thanks for having me! 😍😍 Heart, Melanie

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