The Weingartners.

This was such a fun and easy extended family session!

So pretty!

These big kids were so funny! For one they did whatever I asked with zero fuss and two, they kept asking to do specific things on their own.

They were all in during this session. 😍

I love when Grandpas are so outgoing and joyous! Big smiles for the win!

That Peter Pan pose!😍

I love this! Beautiful!

Genuine laughter is the best.

Genes are amazing. If you cover mom’s face, they look just like dad. You cover dad’s face, they look just like mom!? 😍

I was like, “GRANDPA IS TRYIN TO SLIP GRANDMA THE TONGUE!!!” He looked at me like, bussssted. 🤣🤣

What a pleasure to meet those I didn’t know! Seriously, you guys were so easy! I love that the kids were super into whatever I had to say, even

at the end they just wanted to hang with me and talk. ADORBS. Y’all are doing something right!! Keep it up! Thanks for having me!

Heart, Melanie

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