The Wagenlanders.

Matty and his trio of pretty girls!!

Vera checking behind her like, all my crew here?

Matty’s fam was in town so we were able to include everyone for a sesh!


Salt Bae with his siblings. I should have let him keep on his aviators to complete his look, darnit!

Pretty sure Isla can look at her aunt Rachael and know exactly what she’ll look like when she grows up! The girls def have the Wagenlander genes!

We had a minute waiting on the girls to find potties at the park, so Gram and Gramps got head shots too!💞 Lookin good, you two!

The focus is supposed to be on the kids buuuuut mom is a stunner so she steals the show!!

Guess who just turned 4!


I still stand by my opinion that she’s a breathing baby doll!

Those coy grins!

I LOVE THIS! Ellen loving life as a mom and Daddy giving a full on open mouth smile!

Every time Vera shouted for Isla she used her hand to yell. 🤣😍


MAN! Those Wagenlander genes!!

Rach snuggled up to her Dad quite a bit. It was very sweet and needed to be documented!



They’re sitting in front of a tree that was planted for their Grandpa. 💞

The two girls truly have the whole family wrapped around their fingers!

It was great how this all worked out! It was nice to see you all again! Keep powering through these hard health times, Clay! Your family clearly loves you so!

Heart, Melanie

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