The DeCristofaros.

Looks like we have a new family of FIVE here!

10lb Giovanni is a quarantine beeb! We pushed the session off a month+ and I managed to do a hands off newborn session, masked

and outside! That’s something I never imagined myself saying!

Ezio has this beautiful little face! AND HE REFUSES TO SMILE!🤣 But that cherub straight face is to die for so, I wasn’t mad at him!

If he was awake, those brows were expressing.


He’s so young to be smiling! I did NOT expect that to happen when she started talking to him!

Casually flipping me the bird while sleep smiling. 🥰

So pretty, Sarah!

Grandma saving him from me and my clearly offensive singing of baby shark. 😬

OHHHHH I stole a smile!!!! 😍

That lit up bokeh back there! Gorgeous! I said to them, I don’t even care if he’s ignoring me, the background is perfection, just keep him there a sec!

Loving his mama!

Filomena was hot and tired by the end! Hot sun just takes it right out of ya! And daddy holding his son in his own newborn blanket! 😍

Sorry the pandemic had to go and change so much surrounding Giovanni’s birth! Seems like y’all are carrying on well, regardless! Good for you

guys and God Bless Grandma being in town so long! 😀 Congrats again! Heart, Melanie

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