The Burlesons.

All the fam was in town, so family portrait time for Grandma! 😍

I’ve shot hundreds of times down at Riverside Park and have always looked at the houses there like, dang, I wonder who lives in these

homes with this view each day?! Well now I’ve met someone! Walked out and down the steps from Gram and Gramps house to this spot!

Their son in-law (in the center) is in the process of building them a brand new house though, so they wanted to capture this before

it’s no longer their front yard!

When you don’t offer a pose suggestion and the boys pose themselves. 🤣

Mom and Dad couldn’t be any cuter!

The comments on FB to the picture on the right were mostly, ANGELA, YOUR SHOES!!  Baha. While I do agree, but also, you guys are pretty too!

Fun uncle!


Pretty girls! I also just realized after seeing you side by side that it looks like Aunt Amy hooked up Julianna with some lips!

Love that golden light on the stone!

I didn’t really need to explain to them the “have fun” part. 😍🤣

Benny, coming in hot!

The kids just kept hopping down and running into someone else’s arms. The best!


We were done shooting and we walked back to their house where we stood and talked for awhile. During that time the light became so soft

and beautiful that I had to interrupt their talking to say, “You look gorgeous in this light! I NEED to take your headshots really quick!” Beautiful!

I see now where Angela gets her kindness and beauty from! Thanks for having me! 💞 Heart, Melanie

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