a dream come true.

seems as though everyone knows about this little miracle baby by now.  her story have gone viral over the last week and she’s touched more

lives in the last 6 days then aleisa could have ever imagined. ever. kelly and i needed to get a couple shots for a feature coming up so

we stopped by william and aleisa’s house. while packing up i just loved how mommy and babe were sitting there so beautifully,

so i snuck a few frames. 🙂

well before nora was born, aleisa wrote on her blog about a dream her daughter gretta had. since it had come true, she wanted to have

a tangible memory to keep forever.

itty bitty nora will be celebrating her 1 week birthday tomorrow! please continue to keep her in your prayers daily. there have already

been a few very frightening moments for them, so the least we can do is surround them with love. heart, melanie.

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