the coons.

Stephanie is a friend of a friend who then became my friend, years ago. 🙂 Her kids are pretty much the same ages as mine, so we can relate when it

comes to omgmychildisdrivingmeCRAZY! They are such an adorable family, as you will see below.

If my kids had thighs like that, I’d be biting them all day long.

Averie is so cute I just wanted to squeeze her.

Bayleigh is a ball of fun two year old energy. She loved me playing with her, but wanted nothing to do with me taking her pictures.

Look past the hair. They are twins. Wow.

Open mouth baby kisses are the best. So sweet.

For a split second Bay sat still and humored me…

Then she was up…

 The girls are gorgeous and I loved their little personalities. It was great to see you guys! Heart, Melanie.

  • sarah a - Love them! All the chubbiness and gorgeous eyes (and is Ave flipping us all off? LOL)

  • Stephanie - Melanie words cannot explain how amazing these pics are..u truly are an artist with that camera!! We love them thank u!!

  • Luci - Like times a billion

  • Debbie C - The pictures of my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren are beautiful. You captured their cute expressions and their gorgeous blue eyes.

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