Halloween 2012.

First up, a little tribute to Auntie Ali: Cotton candy.

It wasn’t hard to make at all. I found a white chicken costume (from once upon a child for a few bucks) because I wanted a full white base. I

used spray adhesive and pillow stuffing to cover it. Finished it with a light pink fabric dye spray and a styrofoam cone on her head. It was

super cute aesthetically, worst idea ever functionally. We trick-or-treated at the nursing home and I was hovering behind her trying to

reattach the fluff as she ran through the halls. DUMB. When we were done I decided it was fair to rest my back against the wall across from

Nanaw’s door and eat half her candy. But she’s super cute, right? 🙂


This was even easier! All I bought was a brown turtleneck, white poms, green hairspray and ribbon. We had everything else here! Used

white paint to stripe, then hot glue to attach everything. I dyed his face with an orange washable marker because all the facepaint options

were miserable. The marker went on wet enough that I could smear it around easily. Snot and slobber also smeared it around nicely which

made for hysterical streaks everywhere later.

“Good morning, Starshine” Willy Wonka Johnny Depp style. He’s good. He even acts super creepy like Depp did.

When Adam is into something, he really commits. The jacket was Goodwill. Glasses online. The little tweeks he did himself, along with

illustrating and printing his own golden tickets. He’s awesome. If only he put this much effort into our yard. Or showering.Last but not least, I played the role of the Golden ticket inside the Wonka Bar. I made mine out of felt and hot glue. Took no time at all! The

rest I had in my closet. Though I did my the obnoxious yellow tulle bow because I needed something to distract from the glitter catastrophe

that happened to my face. Started as a good idea, ended looking like a glitter fairy sneezed on my head.

And he we are. The talk of the nursing home. Supposedly. Well, according to my mom. Most the old folks were either asleep as the kids

snuck two pieces of stale candy from their basket, or asking me what a “one-kah” bar was. We had fun making it.

Be safe, have fun and stay warm! Happy Halloween! Heart, Willy Wonka and friends.

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